Switzerland - Ars Silentium Photography
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Swiss Pyramid

The Niesen (2'362 m/7'749 ft) is not the highest mountain in Switzerland but the one with the distinctive shape. It's often called the Swiss Pyramid. There's a funicular in which you can reach the summit of the mountain easily. The funicular operates only from April to November and is closed during the winter months due to ice and snow. On top of the Niesen is a restaurant and hotel, built in 1856, 54 years before the funicular. Now imaging getting up there by foot! And how did they build the guesthouse at that time? There weren't any helicopters back then. I guess they hauled all the material up that mountain on mules. Those who wanted to take a drink up there could either climb the Niesen on foot or, if they had enough money at hand, hire horses, mules or four carriers who took them up in sedan chairs!