Switzerland - Ars Silentium Photography
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Hut With A Stunning View

The Alps were within one's reach. What I like about this photo are the tones, blue, white, orange, green, brown. The light on the Augstmatthorn is nice too.
Those mountains are the most famous in Switzerland. From left to right, Augstmatthorn (2'137 m/7'011 ft), Eiger (3'970 m/13'025 ft), Mönch (4'107 m/13'474 ft), Jungfraujoch (3'454 m/11'332 ft), the highest train station in Europe, Jungfrau (4'158 m/13'642 ft), Silberhorn (3'695 m/12'123 ft), Gletscherhorn (3'983 m/13'067 ft), Äbeni Flue (3'962 m/12'999 ft), Mittaghorn (3'892 m/12'769 ft), Schinhorn (3'797 m/12'457 ft), Grosshorn (3'754 m/12'316 ft), Breithorn (3'780 m/12'401 ft).