Switzerland - Ars Silentium Photography
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From Darkest Skies

I rushed up the Allerheiligenberg (880 m/2'887 ft) awaiting a nice sunset and didn't quite get what I came for. The problem was that the view to the west is completely blocked by the hill and the forest. Although there is a gap to the southeast where you get a nice view. This might be a good spot for sunrises. Nevertheless, at least there was some nice light on those far away hills, especially that marvellous golden light on the huge rockface was an eyecatcher. I think that was once or still is a quarry. The city to the left is Olten and the one to the right is Wangen bei Olten. What I like the most is the beautiful sky and the tiny cows. The icing on the cake would have been some wonderful light on the pasture. But you can't get everything.