Schwarzbubenland - Ars Silentium Photography
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Secrets Of The Black Arts

The weather looked promising on that day and I went out to capture a sunset. Unfortunately, the sun hid behind the clouds most of the time. I didn't let myself down because of that and set up my gear nonetheless. All I had to do now is wait and hope. My hope sank as more and more clouds piled up. But all of a sudden, a gap in the clouds opened and a beam of bright sunlight hit the hill to my right. I couldn't believe what I saw, it looked unreal. Like a scene out of a dodgy science fiction movie. I quickly pivoted my tripod to the right, composed the picture and shot. Thankfully, I already had my camera ready to shoot otherwise I wouldn't have been able to capture this spectacle of nature. It only lasted a couple of minutes and was gone as quickly as it showed up. After that it started to rain.

From Switzerland