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A Storm Has Passed

Weissenau is a small nature reserve on the east side of the Thunersee. I wanted to capture a colourful sky as the sun set. I knew from the beginning that the sun would set behind the mountains to the right and hoped for some red, yellow and what not. It didn't happen, of course. And the photo almost didn't happen too. 30 minutes before a malicious storm blew over the lake which shook the trees along the shore dangerously. I stood beside a tree looking over the lake as the storm unleashed its fury. And guess what happened. The tree fell! A short creak and the tree crushed to the ground. If I would have made one step forward the fallen tree would have buried me. Not sure if I would have died but I would have broken some bones for sure. And therefore no photo. I didn't get lucky with the sky but I got lucky that I didn't get injured.

From Switzerland